September Makeover: Day 1

Also doing a makeover this month is my newest twitter friend: @jersalicious! Check out her blog:

I am TOTALLY revved and excited about this makeover.  What I am also happy about is that I have a party, a wedding, a charity event and a trip all this month – which means it will be hectic and tempting(diet-challenged)!! This will test my ability to stay on point and I think will make the makeover that much more believable because life does not stop for us just because we set a goal 😀

Here we go!

Stats: weight: 130lbs.  I’ll post weight and measurements again at the end of the 30 days.


Workout: legs

  • 1 mile run
  • 20 min bike keeping RPMs over 110 set to random hill
  • 10 min incline treadmill 12% grade
  • Seated leg press 4S 30R 180lbs
  • Seated leg curls 4S 30R 70lbs
  • Super set 4S (no more than 20-30sec rest b/w sets):
  • 30R Deep squats, speed
  • 30R Roman deads, 20lbs

As you can see, I tried doing cardio pre-workout. Bushwhacked. It felt so good and my knees felt so much better during my workout, but it really took a lot outta me. I’ll probably be better off doing cardio-post workout unless it is a running day that needs more attention (I’m working up to being ready to train for a half marathon)



I prepare all my own food.  If ever I eat out, I WILL state so 🙂

Aiming for 120oz H20 – (only got 80 😦 bad Faith, bad)

Meal 1:  (06:00am) 4:1 eggs scrambled with spinach, onions and bell peppers

Meal 2:  (10:00am) 1 scoop protein shake in water

Meal 3:  (1:00pm) grilled chicken spinach wrap (3oz grilled chicken, lettuce, spinach, sprinkle of cheese, 5 slices jalapenos, diced tomatoes – I did throw in a slice of my husband’s left over bacon – and mustard)

Meal 4:  (04:30pm) pre workout – oatmeal with 1/2 scoop protein

Meal 5:  (07:30pm) Stir-fry chicken with broccoli, snap peas, carrots, water chestnuts, baby corn

Meal 6:  (09:00pm) Was hungry again 😦 1/2 scoop protein shake in fat free coconut milk to prevent the muchies

Multi-vitamin before bed


Would LOVE to know if you are doing YOUR OWN makeover (or following along) – I also welcome feedback and handslapping if you think I am slacking or need to step it up a notch.  My hardest area is the end of day snacking. My goal this month is to stay mindful. Let’s do this.

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