Life doesn’t come with an emergency break

The wonderful thing about life is that it doesn’t stop.

Work responsibilities have sky rocketed leaving only SLOTS for workouts. 😦 Major sadness: my trainer doesn’t have openings that can accommodate my insanity.  I’m terrified.  I’m terrified of working out entirely on my own because I am remembering how I was before her – I was hardcore, but I was not nearly as strong or lean.  Did I learn enough while training with her to prevent myself from going back?

I caught myself wishing life could just freeze for 2 hours every day so I could train with Susan  – but then I let the reality sink in that hey, this is life. We can’t change it, but we can adapt.

So I will adapt. I will find a way to workout on my own or enlist Susan as often as I can whenever and however it works out. Accomplishing goals is always difficult – and that’s what makes it worth reaching.

I’m glad life doesn’t come with an emergency break – how boring would that be?!

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11 responses to “Life doesn’t come with an emergency break

  • Dawn

    I’m sorry that your schedule is going to not fit into your trainers….that sucks. We just went through changes at work and I made my choice based on gym time…funny hu?

  • Liz

    I’m in a similar situation, except my trainer is moving out of state. I’m nervous that I won’t be able to lift as heavy, but I’m hoping to enlist a friend some days to help spot me and push me that extra bit! Good luck, I hope it turns out okay for you!!

    • Faith Keith

      Liz! great idea about workout partners and spotters. I have trouble with the same thing and also just PUSHING myself – you know, faster reps and higher reps. Sometimes I think to myself when I choose to do 25, that my trainer might have given me 50reps at that weight…pushing myself – so difficult! I’ve GOT to find a way to stay on top of that – thanks for the well wishes! I’m ready.

    • Faith Keith

      Just read on your blog that you’re a first time competitor as well! Looking forward to reading up on your journey! I wish you all the best!!!

  • Kari Keenan

    Could you repeat some of the workouts or exercises you did when you trained with her? Or maybe have her write out some sample workouts for you to cycle through?

    Believe in yourself that you have the knowledge and information to train smarter, not harder. You got this, girl!

    • Faith Keith

      THANK YOU KARI!!! That’s a good idea – I think I’ll talk to her and see what she can work up for me. I think I’m overwhelmed right now, but you’ve encouraged me – I can do this – especially with such a great fitness community (including YOU)….be prepared to get blasted with questions…haha…

  • Nikki

    I love your feeds, they are truly inspiring to me! I don’t have a personal trainer but I do the best with what I have in my home gym and now its time for me to consider BECOMING a personal trainier myself for that reason. However, someone once posted something that I keep on my daily iterinerary as a reminder when things get tough… ” Makin’ it happen…makin’ it count…makin’ it work even when life has me up by my bootstraps”…. sound familiar? You can do it.. and so can I!!!

    • Faith Keith

      OMGOSH NIKKI, you just made my day!!! Thank you for that reminder! You obviously have the ability to motivate others, so I am here rooting you on to become a personal trainer! Go for it girl!!! And thank you again for your words – totally made me smile

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