Goals with a cause

My friend (age 24) was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It is a real reminder that no matter how rough life may seem, there is always someone out there going through much worse.

She is a fitness-lover like we are and used to a very active lifestyle. You can imagine how being diagnosed with cancer would be a jolt to such a fit minded person with many dreams and goals. Chemo therapy and a lot of bed rest – not your ideal way to enjoy your early 20’s :(. Help me support Amber in her fight against ovarian cancer.


She is my motivation to train for a race.

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2 responses to “Goals with a cause

  • Donloree

    You bet! You’re amazing for supporting her and doing all that you can. This has reminded me yet again to live every day to the fullest extent possible. I am blessed for all the health I do have! Bless you Faith.

    • Faith Keith

      Donloree, THANK YOU for your generous donation on Amber’s behalf! I know you have had a struggle of a health journey since your competition that is NOT to be discounted, but I think it’s for that very reason that it is inspiring when YOU say that you are “blessed for all the health [you] do have”. Thanks for being an encouragement to Amber and her family and being apart of “Team Amber”.

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