What’s Your Purpose?

Fantastic workout yesterday! It was fun because it was like a little family reunion too haha – me, my hubs, my kid bro, my aunt and uncle we’re all working out at the same time.

As I looked around the gym I saw the usuals. I noticed that some do a fantastic job of staying incredibly lean – then there are those who are very fit, but not really making leaps of progress (seems as though they come as just a way of life and maybe to spend time with their S/O).  Then there are the fat blasters who BUST their can at the cardio or group classes – Finally there are the dear things that are here all the time, but not quite ready to tweak their diet yet.

All these types of people are probably all doing just the right thing for their goals.  It breaks my heart when I hear people bashing others for their method when they probably just don’t share the same goal. 🙂 Everyone’s goals are different, but the key is to recognize what your goal is so that you can take the right steps to reaching it.

What’s YOUR goal? “To be healthy”? “To be strong for daily activity”? “To be a machine athlete”? “To meet people”? 🙂 Tell me!

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