Diet Killer Series: No Meal Hooky

Diet Killer series based on the “6 Diet Killers” article from

“A lot of people struggle mentally with eating frequently because they think they’re taking in more food than they should. But even skipping one meal can throw your diet off, so even when you’re not hungry, you need to eat. Your body must be constantly fed to keep its metabolism at an elevated rate.”

Portion control and nutrition value is always key, but that’s not what this post is about.  The key is to NOT SKIP MEALS 🙂 I know so many people who try to slim down by cutting meals and that is not how to make it happen (and stick).

Skipping a meal may make you binge on the next – can we say “Sabotage”?? Also, when you skip a meal your body will go into survival by slowing your metabolism – a side affect is you may feel lethargic and tired. Boo!

Eat frequently – every 3-4 hours – and make them good choices!



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