21 Day Challenge: Day 14

I’m getting my buns in the kitchen!  For all you fitness freaks you know that a healthy body is made in the kitchen first and secondarily in training.  I took a cue from Jamie Eason to get creative in the kitchen when I catch myself looking for food.  I learned about myself that I get that way ONLY at home and typically about 1-2 hours from my next meal.

My new tricks (other than the 2 tips to successful dieting):

  1. I will munch. Depending on the time of day, if I get the munchies, I will have a small portion of my next meal as a way of ENSURING that I don’t eat junk while waiting for the clock to hit meal time.  Example: I had 4 oz of sweet potato and it not only held me over but it also gave me energy for my 3 mile run.
  2. Cook for the taste buds. I’ve been cooking my food just to get it packed and ready.  I hate chicken, so I figure I’ll have to get over it anyway, BUT NOT TRUE!!! There ARE ways that I DO like chicken, so why the heck do I not cook it for my taste buds?!?! #becauseIamstupid  I am going to start cooking tasty recipes!

So…it’s common sense stuff, but I guess my brain was on auto-pilot and I wasn’t taking the time to notice that I can enjoy eating healthy again.

I’m in need of healthy recipes to add to my library! Please share! and I love pics if you have them! ♥

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