“I don’t cheat”

https://i2.wp.com/www.oxygenmag.com/uploaded-files/image/oxy143/143_covergirl.jpgI was flabbergasted when I read that Jamie Eason said “I don’t cheat”!  I mean… I guess I shouldn’t be shocked because, if you look at her, how ELSE would she look that good all the time?!  But what I want to know is…HOW can you not cheat…wouldn’t you feel deprived?

Jamie Eason makes a HOBBY out of transforming her favorite comfort foods into clean, protein-dense fuel for her fit lifestyle. Here, she shares: Jamie Eason – June 2011 – Robert Kennedy’s Oxygen Women’s Fitness.

I don’t know about you, but I am TOTALLY motivated…I’m adding this statement to my 21 Day challenge:

“I will try to get really creative in the kitchen so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.”

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3 responses to ““I don’t cheat”

  • Chantelle Enns

    Just after I read this Jamie updated her status to say she’s putting on some weight to do this BB.com 12 week challenge. She’s going to splurge!!!!! I knew she had it in her. lol

    • Faith Keith

      I know haha I JUST read that after I had already posted this 😛 I’m still motivated and am still going to attempt being more creative in the kitchen – will be fun to track her 12 week challenge! – Are you going to do her challenge? I’m waiting to see what it looks like

  • 21 Day Challenge: Day 14 « The Road to Serious Fitness

    […] you know that a healthy body is made in the kitchen first and secondarily in training.  I took a cue from Jamie Eason to get creative in the kitchen when I catch myself looking for food.  I learned about myself that […]

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