21 Day Challenge: Day 4

What is my reason for sticking to my clean diet?

Why not make that allowed “3 free meals” a “4 or 5 free meals” instead?

I know how to stick to my diet, but what is/are my reasons?…

My something new today – make a list of why I want to eat Meal #5.  (it’s the only meal I seem to have trouble with)

  • to stay lean (and not botch all the hard work I did that day)
  • to feel good in my favorite jeans (even if I am my worst critic, I still feel like poo when I know I’m not doing my best)
  • to FEEL like I am doing all that I can to stay hot for my hubs
  • So I can get on the scale and not spend the next 2 minutes calculating what the 2-4lbs is made up of
  • So I can have my active body functioning at its prime capacity
  • because I WANT to lose 5 lbs
  • because I like muscular definition

the 21 Day Challenge

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