Michelle’s 21 Days to Success

Post competition blues set in and I felt scatter-brained with my workouts. So my trusty friend Michelle whipped up an idea to shake things up.

“Okay so maybe my 21 day challenge will help and make it fun!” —Michelle

This streak is centered around the idea that bad habits/good habits take 21 days to mold according to Covey.  So the goal is to get back on track in 21 days!

How?  Each day do…

  • Blog it. Short or long – provide a blog post. Name it day 1, 2,3 of 21. This means we report success/challenges back to each other.
  • Something DIFFERENT! Maybe it’s a new workout, a new set, a new cardio routine, anything – break out of that comfort zone!
  • Get inspired before bed. Before you go to bed reading SOMETHING inspirational. Whether its a book, someones blog, anything – get you in the positive zone when you go to bed.
  • Talk out loud. Tell yourself OUT-LOUD  ” I can do this, I can do this, I can do this” 10 times when you immediately wake up.
  • Do what ever you have to do to set the new habits. And realize that the first 2 – 3 days WILL BE THE HARDEST!!!!

What new things will YOU try?  What habits will you make/break?

Life Happens:

Michelle also reminded me that life happens. Even when you go on a streak or a vendetta to accomplish something “I will hit the gym 6 times a week”, sometimes life happens and you miss.  That’s OK!! No sense in fretting, pick yourself up and reboot! ;D

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