Moments of self-doubt here…

I am eating clean and back on a workout schedule, but since work is taking priority over gym now I do not have quite as much flexibility.  Still trying to figure out how to get it all in. I love 4:30am gym, but it only allows me about 1 hour to make cardio and/or lifting happen.  So I’m trying to alternate days where I just do cardio or just do lifting.  Still trying to sort out the schedule… I just REALLY like coming straight home after work and making dinner (instead of gym–>work–>double gym–>8:30p start dinner…ugh)

So then I was hit with a moment of self doubt today…

Can I get myself to my goals on my own?…do I need to have someone training me every day in order for my goals to become reality… :(…off-season is not as relaxed as I thought.  Since I would like to compete again possibly I really want to be maximizing this time and improving my physique.  Can I do this?…


Can I look like this?

Maybe after 3 weeks of being back on a gym schedule I will feel empowered again.  I am currently in week 2, so I’ll rest the doubting thoughts and re-address this at the end of next week.

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5 responses to “Moments of self-doubt here…

  • Carrie

    What you’re thinking and feeling are totally normal. But don’t let those doubts take over. You CAN do it and you can do it in a way that works FOR YOU! I too had been feeling a bit like, wow, if I want to continue making progress I’ll have to keep doing as much as I was during prep. But met with my coach last night and will be on a plan that probably has me doing the least amount of time I’ve done in the gym in almost two years. I’m excited! I definitely need to keep working to refine my goals, I see bits and pieces of the physique I want in different photos, but unsure exactly what it looks like for me yet. For now, the goal is to keep putting on muscle so lifting heavy, eating for my training and being consistent.

    I’m with ya girl, you can do this, you’ll find that formula that works for your goals and fits into your life. Are you working with a trainer still and have a plan or are you working through the details on your own?

    Sending hugs xoxoxo

    • Faith Keith

      Thanks Carrie – that was really encouraging. Yeah, I just feel a tad unsure, maybe mostly because I just want to reach my goals and not lollygag, ya know? Don’t want to waste time stumbling, so it puts pressure to find the right schedule/workout-regime fast. blah…

      I am still getting my nutrition plan from my trainer, but not currently training with her. She is always willing to give me tips when I ask, but I guess I don’t know how/what to ask… “make me look like this picture and help me do it in 60 minutes 6 days a week” ha!…*sigh*…

      What are you doing? are you seeing your trainer once a week? more/less?…

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  • Kari

    You CAN reach your goals on your own; you just need to make them a priority. Depending on what your goals are, off-season can either be relaxed or still very focused, much like prep. When you were in prep, you MADE time for the gym, right? Maybe that’s what you need to do now and see how it goes. If you feel too stressed, maybe a more relaxed approach is better for you.

    Stay positive! I know you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself!

    • Faith Keith

      THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME KARI! I think I need to hear that and then keep playing it over in my head. After your comment I decided I will make a plan – I’m going to try to make the early AM routine work for 3 weeks and see how I feel. If I still feel like I am lacking, then I’ll start making adjustments and try it for another 3 weeks. It’s tweaking time!!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – coming from someone who has been doing this for a long time it means a lot to hear you say that I can do it.

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