Keeping New Habits

While I was training for my competition…

  • I ate at regular intervals,
  • no snacking in between and
  • I didn’t eat till I was stuffed
  • My food was portioned and
  • going back for seconds was not an option.

Now post-comp, the world became a giant buffet table. I was allowed to eat as I pleased. Unrestricted. I didn’t gorge, but hey, nothing was off-limits. I ate till I was satisfied and recently noticed that I have picked up the habit of hovering in front of the pantry. Nothing appealing to me I walk away, but the problem is that I was hovering in the first place.

I need to remember my new rules and habits and not let myself forget them! If I let go, it will be a downward spiral and before I know it I will be looking in the mirror asking how I let that happen.

What I learned to tell myself: You worked so hard for those good habits! Post-comp, don’t let go altogether!

I’ll stop those sprouting bad habits in their tracks!  Met with my trainer for a new nutrition game plan – here we go!

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3 responses to “Keeping New Habits

  • T

    I TOTALLY do the “hover”! I, too, find that when I do it I am never actually *physically* hungry…but am just bored or dealing with some other emotional stressor. I’ve recognized it but still don’t always succeed in fighting it off 😦

    • Faith Keith

      Gosh, I hear that – catching myself but not always successful at fighting it off. Starting to have more wins though…been able to recognize that “nothing looks good in here” and that I’m just wanting to eat for the sake of eating

  • Donloree

    Can’t wait to hear about the new plan!!

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