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I work full-time and honestly…it’s with the intent to one day own my business. I want to earn my way up. Now that I’m not in prep, I have the capacity to get back to that career-focus. But…what about a hot body? I want to maintain optimal fitness.

It can be done!

During prep I easily made the workouts and food prep happen at the expense of my work with the excuse that this was short lived.  My next vendetta is to make it work (gym/food-prep) over the spring/summer.

I’m going to try 4am again, then maybe 6pm workouts. I’ll start with 5-6 days a week and then maybe change it down depending.  My goal is to get my body into it’s optimal state – no yoyo-ing – and maintain it.  There is priority order though that I need to keep in check. I will find the balance! Fitness might not always win in a battle of time – we shall see!

Measurable: I think I can stand to drop back down 5-6 lbs

I can learn how to run a business and maintain fitness and still have a life –  Watch me!  Trial and error here I come! Hoping to pick up a few tricks from other career women/men who make it happen! Bring on the advice/tips/thoughts!


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8 responses to “Career Minded

  • michelle

    wow cool! Are we going to get back on the same workout schedule?? But 4am your time is 2am my time which is a little insane – even for me…
    And is the plan that you’re also doing 2 -a -days? 4am then 6pm? Wow ..!!

    • Faith Keith

      yeah, girl! Somewhat same, anyway! I’ll be actually working out at 5:00am-6:00am, but up at 4:30am. So I could text you after my workout and get your butt out of bed! ha!

      The plan is to try 4-5 days of lifting and 4 days cardio. So, some days I may do a run at night as my cardio. Not sure how it will all pan out yet, but I’m excited to give it a go!

  • LizzieK

    GO YOU!!!
    You are my total inspiration.. I’ve been yoyoing for way too long, and have decided that this is my year to go hard, get to where I want to be, and MAINTAIN IT.

    Your entries are so insightful and the image of your abs are CRAZY!!

    Looking forward to your next post,
    Liz (from Oz)

    • Faith Keith

      Awesome girl! this will be your year!! You can do this!! Stay revved and keep me posted! – do you have a blog or twitter? would love to keep up with your journey!

      Thanks for the compliment to my abs 🙂 I have always wanted ripped abs and for the first time EVER I actually got them – huge and exciting milestone for me 🙂
      You’re so sweet – When you work so so so hard and so many times feel like quitting, it makes it all worth it to hear someone say they’ve been inspired. It is truly the greatest compliment to know you have inspired someone else. Thank you for making my day!!

  • Susan

    You guys in the 4 a.m. crowd totally blow my mind!

    I can relate so much on balance thing. I think it’s the life-long quest – trying to perfect it. I know my work suffered in the last month or so before my comp; i was so distracted and focused on all things fitness. It now feels good to have mental space for other important things. But then how to keep the needed emphasis on fitness?! Perhaps it will always be a pendulum that swings a little bit side to side from time to time, rather than a perfect static point. Hmmmm…

    • Faith Keith

      You know, you’re so right Susan…it probably will forever be that pendulum swinging side to side rather than that perfect balance. I’m glad you said that – it’s helping me understand my priorities. I can maintain fitness but go gung ho on my career right now knowing that there can be a time where somethings may be laid aside or set to cruise while I pursue other fitness or life goals.

      Thank you for sharing that thought! I feel so ready to focus now.

  • Lisa

    I’m right there with ya! I could stand to lose about 7lbs at this point. I think the fun of the ride is learning about yourself, your body, and what you’re capable of. Not really physically but more mentally because that’s what it is, a mental game. So whatever you put your mind to, and you want bad enough, you’ll do it. Just like it wasn’t difficult for me during contest prep because I had an eye on the prize. I had to figure out where that prize was afterward. You can do it, I have nothing but faith in you. No pun intended. Or was there? =)

    • Faith Keith

      So true! I totally agree Lisa – I think its way more of a mental battle than physical. It’s just a matter of wanting it bad enough and then making it happen. All the more reason to make sure you know what you want – just like you said, gotta find where/what the prize is next

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