What if the Hokey-Pokey IS what it’s all about… [Lost feeling Post-comp]

I felt unshackled after my competition – I could make my OWN choices! I could wake up when I wanted to, sleep when I wanted to, eat when and what I wanted to eat!

But without the structure of a game plan I actually accomplished LESS in a day even though I had more time…I was confused about what I should do now…how am I supposed to eat…I felt pointless. Happy, but pointless. (I’m totally laughing at myself out loud as I write this)

After 2 weeks of stumbling around an awkward schedule and helter-skelter nutrition “plan”, I finally put my pen to paper and laid out a schedule.  Ahhh…sweet freedom! How I miss you sweet structure!

This is me 2 weeks post-comp – as you can see I’m “swollen” from the yummy sodium I’ve been ingesting along with Donloree Hoffman and Susan Dowse size splooshes of milk in my coffee.  Nonetheless, you can see on my face how happy I am – I love the added calories!

Faith Keith and sister

SECRET: One day while I was having a snack I was worried that my husband would think to himself “she probably should not be eating that”, but then he opened his mouth and said almost in laughter, “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see you eating! You’re always in such a good mood and when I see you eat I think to myself ‘it’s gonna be a great day!’ ” haha welp…we all know..prep will kill ya (and your partner too).


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