My Tricks on Dining Out

Obviously it is best to eat out as little as possible. I prefer to cook at home because I can control my food, how its cooked, how it’s seasoned, etc (and plus…I love to cook!)  BUT the world operates differently and that’s life – you have to live.

Eat clean while eating out - dining with friends
image from Esquire

I’ve become accustomed (and actually really enjoy) researching the menu online before I go. Here’s what I do:

  1. I find the perfect selection for my desired nutrition and think about how delicious it is going to be.
  2. When I get to the restaurant, I do not even open the menu so that my plans are not thwarted!  It’s easy to say “I know exactly what I want” with exuberance and people won’t question you.
  3. I get myself excited about the food ahead of time and determine in my head that I will not eat the bread that is brought to the table.  Mentally preparing myself makes the meal SO enjoyable and not like a prison.

    Eat clean while eating out - Faith Keith

    image from photobucket

If I can’t look at the menu ahead of time:

  1. I avoid ALL PICTURES and
  2. I avoid reading the adjectives and mouth-watering descriptions intentionally designed to activate ravaging. I am so visual – when I read a description I can visualize the food and sauce and I will either be absolutely sabotaged OR completely dissatisfied with my healthy choice.

Anyone have any other tricks I can incorporate?

I have a lot of weddings and traveling coming up that will not always give me opportunity to research the menu ahead – I need to come up with some ideas for a game plan!


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