Fading Glory: Tips on Spray Tan After-Math

video during my lunch break yesterday and finally got my iphone to post it to youtube!

About that spray tan…

Things I did right:

  • I exfoliated for over a week before the tan, the tan absorbed right up into my skin as a result! And it stayed even and flawless looking throughout the day whereas I noticed a lot of girls were already quite splotchy by the night show.  Side note, I exfoliate on a regular basis as part of my normal routine (1-2 times per week with a body scrub; daily (mild) with a loofah and body wash) – so if you are not already doing this, then maybe start exfoliating every other day 10-14 days out.
  • I continued exfoliating after the show AND applying lotion. The tan continued to fade very gracefully….except…the next area where I tend to be more gentle. Ew. Don’t know if you can tell in the vid, but I look like I have a disease. Good thing I’m short and shadows and my long hair will hide the splotchy-ness.
  • I applied baby oil or light sesame body oil immediately after each shower.  This helps your skin lock in moisture (so that it doesn’t flake off causing a splotchy appearance).  Also, baby oil in particular apparently helps the tan fade (read this the other day on ehow)!

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7 responses to “Fading Glory: Tips on Spray Tan After-Math

  • passlakeprincess

    I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your posts. You’ve posted so much valuable contest prep information, I’ve “liked” them my WordPress account so that can go back and read them during prep. It’s always these little things that you need to learn along the road, either the hard way or from a sweet friend like yourself. Thank you!

  • michelle

    If thats what a bad hair day looks like can I hvae one? Thanks for the video! And i cant see any “disease-ness” going on! 🙂 You’re ssssssoooo pretty!

  • Donloree

    Love it!! Such good treats and such a great attitude!
    Your neck disease is a badge of honor!!!

  • Susan

    Love your accent! My spray tan removal is less than perfect too! Almost gone, but still hanging on on my legs, knees and feet. But through the process,I’m learning how important exfoliating is; something I should be doing more of anyway on a regular basis. One of the many unexpected lessons that has come through the competition process!!

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