» » Do it HARD, don’t hardly do it!


Talk about motivation! Sometimes you have to hit the gym without it, but nothing beats seeing a picture, hearing a compliment, or reading that perfect article that puts the fire to the fuel.

» » Do it HARD, don’t hardly do it!.

Click the above link to read the Fighter Diet blog post and tell me you don’t feel empowered to go strong and make change happen.


This post is courtesy of my friend Michelle.  This girl pushes herself in all areas of life. She doesn’t let motivation or lack of motivation stop her from doing what needs to be done. Hard work is an understatement. This girl is making serious fitness happen.  Follow her on Twitter @fit_michelle.

This post is in honor of:

All the ladies in the Bikini or Bust 2011 Challenge who I have watched push through the challenges of life in the midst of this challenging sport.  http://www.bikiniorbust.com

Major props to my friend Carrie who hit a slump in motivation and passion, but allowed herself time and pulled right out of the slump with fiery energy! You can tell in her attitude that this girl has no off-season, her attitude says, “it’s improvement-season”. Follow her on Twitter @girlandcocounut.

I stand in awe at my new friend Kari who is going for her pro card. “There are no cheats in a pro card” Unbelievable tenacity.  Check out her blog (www.figuregirlworld.com) and videos about how she is making it happen. Root her on as she goes for that pro card and follow her on Twitter @babytatten.

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