I Feel Fat


Faith Keith - 2011-04-12

Being bloated is awkward!

I know it sounds silly, since I JUST competed only 1 week ago, but I feel FAT!! Last week I had 3 bad days followed by some 50%-80% clean days, then I went to my grandmas and all hell broke loose.  Let me simply say: homemade bread, chocolate cakies (old-fashioned cake like cookies), wine, little-to-no water.

I swelled up like a balloon! By the end of the day I was so puffy it was hurting my ankles to even walk. How gross is that?! I took dandelion root and put my feet up. Then next day it had gone down a little, but not much.

Swelling came down 2 mornings later, but I am still bloated. You can bet that motivated me to pack my meals! I’m back to protein and veggies (which is what works for my body) and a little bit of complex carbs (like oats in the morning or sweet potato at night). My goal is to get my body back by the end of the week. And hopefully connect with Susan, my trainer, to make sure I’m eating good portions.


Faith Keith - 2011-04-12

Trying to ignore the adjustment phase and tell myself everything will be fine...

On top of all this, I have allergies – but they aren’t like normal people allergies, I feel flu like – head congestion. And it is suppressing my appetite and causing me to forget to drink water.  Double whammy!

Can’t wait for my body to readjust and calm the heck down!

“This is my treat? Feeling like death and tight pants? Time to get some new treats!” –Donloree Hoffman, Bikiniorbust

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