I Can Have A Latte!

As soon as the competition over, the food door flew wide open! The funny thing? I loved the idea of the door, but I didn’t really want to go through it.  I found myself eating things I didn’t really even have an appetite for, but ate it because I knew how excited everyone was to see me enjoy myself.

It took 2 days for the bloating to set in and I felt icky.  Sooo anxious to get back to healthy eating and working out.  I wish I was able to let go and enjoy the food!

Tuesday I began packing my meals again. I ate clean, except for the promised Greek lunch with my brother and dad that we were ALL looking forward to :). And THAT I DID enjoy. Not because I love lamb gyro meat, but because I had eaten clean all day and felt deserving.  I didn’t feel gross afterward OR bloated.

Maybe now that everything is permissible I don’t feel the same desire for it. Maybe I only wanted it because it was forbidden.

Faith Keith

This is my determined face! Sprouting bad habits, be squelched!!

Today I started super fresh. I did have half of a gluten free chocolate muffin with my breakfast, but that is my treat for the day. I’m ready to get back.

Meals packed and I’m rockin and rollin. I actually woke up and did legs at 4:30am – Loved it!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Excitement. Perseverance. Let’s do this.

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