Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011 Recap

Things I Will Never Forget

  • Standing naked while a complete stranger spray tans you
  • Spray tan is extremely cold
  • Awkwardly waving at exiting girls as they passed by my tent where I was drying my tan
  • Getting my butt glued by a complete stranger
  • The first time I put my bikini bottoms on
  • Eating cold flank steak
  • Having my name called to walk on stage
  • The judges faces when they looked at me (I mean when they REALLY looked at me)
  • The awesome support I was flooded with on Twitter
  • Seeing my husband and my sister’s faces when I was announced as 3rd place

Funny Bikini Bite Stories from Backstage

Note: Bikini bite (the glue that keeps your suit firmly in place) comes in spray and a roller ball.

Pre-judging: Don’t let a novice spray your buns. The lady who sprayed my booty with bikini bite had just learned how and I was her very first victim. This resulted in her getting it everywhere…oh well I thought.  After it dried I put my sweat pants on and walked over to my friends, ate, chatted. Then they called my class to start getting oiled up. I tried to take off my sweat pants and they were FIRMLY cemented to my left cheek. I slowly and painfully pried it off leaving a patch of untanned skin – 20 minutes before stage time, ha!

Night Show: Do you…need to shave? I kept having to go to the restroom from all the excitement, so I kept having to go get re-bitten. I think the lady was thinking I was moving a lot and knocking my suit off so she went to town with the roller AND the spray version of Bikini Bite.  Keeping warm in my huge baggy black sweat pants turned out to be a bad idea again. 30 minutes before stage time I take off my pants to go get oiled. While standing in line, my friend turns to me and says, “um…you need to pull your suit up in the front.” I look down and black fuzz from my sweat pants was in patchy splotches just above the top of my suit! I tried to dust/rub it off, but to no avail! That actually made it worse! Now I had a sheet of black fuzz!  So I used my razor blade to try to shave off the sweater clumps – it worked! but now my tan looks like it was mowed over. I had to laugh! SOMETHING had to happen – if you don’t have a fiasco, you’re not fully enjoying the backstage life, right? ;P


Body by Susan Groshek, IFBB Fitness Pro –

Hair and Make up by Chaselyn Wade  –

Tan by Natashia Faiz-Butel / Tan-tastic – tan-tastic @ live . com

Suit by

Shoes from

World-wide Support thanks to Donloree Hoffman and her fabulous 13 –



Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011 - Faith Keith bikini

Taking home 3rd place was the icing on the cake, but not the highlight of my experience

Ronnie Coleman Classic - Susan Groshek - Faith Keith

The woman behind the body, IFBB Fitness Pro Susan Groshek - my amazing trainer

Ronnie Coleman Classic - Tracy Pruitt - Faith Keith

All dolled up!

Ronnie Coleman Classic - Jeris Hall - Faith Keith

Got to meet my long time twitter friend, @jerishall3, who also competed that day!

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8 responses to “Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011 Recap

  • passlakeprincess

    awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for the warning on the spray tan being cold. I can’t imagine being in the buff being sprayed with cold tan in front of strangers is the most comfy feeling, but hey the things we get excited about in this competition process! 😀 Bring it on!

    • Faith Keith

      ha! so true! Something else…don’t touch your skin with your palm to test if it’s dry – use the back of your hand. The palm (and bottom of your feet) absorb the stain REALLY fast and it wont come off before the show 😛

  • Chantelle Enns

    Oh I know all about the bikini bit aftermath! I took my suit off between the morning & afternoon shows and my butt cheeks were actually sticking together. hahaha

  • Donloree

    I smiled while I read this WHOLE POST. I love the heck out of you woman!!!

    And yes, the spray tan is SO COLD!!! Brrrr!!!

    • Faith Keith

      When I wrote this I felt like I was having flash backs to your first show! I remember the funny things you shared after your first show – so hilarious the new things we experience 😛

  • Amber Woodard

    Hey girl…you did great! Glad I could make you smile right before you got on stage. LOL. So funny that you are Jeris are twitter buddies. He and I actually went to college together. We were so excited to see each other. We were both far from fit when the two of us met in college. What national show you gonna do girlie?

    • Faith Keith

      HEY AMBER! Thanks!! And thanks for showing me the ropes 5 seconds before the stage ha! You made me laugh because you made it look soooo easy and carefree – you are so fiery!

      What a small world that you and Jeris went to college together – and how cool to meet up and be in radical shape!

      Not sure when I will do another show – lots of traveling ahead of me this year, but I definitely have the bug!
      Will you be doing anymore local shows? I would love to come to support!

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