Talking out loud – 12 Days out!

12 days and counting folks! My very first NPC competition is fast approaching. I anticipate the day with much respect and am showing my respect by eating according to my nutrition plan and working hard. Every bite and every training session counts.

I have begun my grocery list for post comp week.  I will probably go grocery shopping a few days before the show, so that I can have these foods instead of eating whatever is available. I call this intentional cheating 🙂 much better than allowing myself to wing it. BAD HABITS, YOU BEST STAY DEAD!

I have a few foods in the line up:

  • Fish tacos with my hubs – yay, eating on date night instead of cardio-date! What a trooper he is.
  • Monggo (Filipino dish) a la my mom, the amazing chef
  • Greek Gyro with my kid bro
  • Pizza
  • My grandmother’s homemade bread

My sister is a healthy eater, so on HER cheat day, maybe we will grab breakfast at Breadwinners with Dad:)

But other than that, the foods I REALLY want are greek yogurt, oatmeal, turkey burgers, brown rice, tuna salad on whole grain crackers, almonds. And I do plan on scheduling and packing my meals the week after the show, but with fabulous leniency 🙂 (Bagel with those egg whites? I think so!)

I am going to be taking a mental break from STRICT diet and training, but then I am going to jump right back into a good consistent line up.

2011 goal: Maintain optimal fitness – let’s see how well I do in maintaining this year. 🙂

I’m so excited!!!

Is that a mirror? *strikes pose* gotta practice every chance I get.

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