Dear God, please help me stay lean after my show. Amen.

I want to stay ridiculously fit! After my competition I can see myself totally eating snacks outside of meal time. Snacks…during movies, or with my coffee, or with my family, or just cuz Im hungry… What will stop me?!

Can I determine in my mind to get back in the groove?

I believe so.

I’ve learned so much from Susan.  One of which, competition body is not a maintainable body, but there IS a super fit me than I can maintain. I’m stoked to find that body in me and learn how to maintain it!  I’ve more or less decided that I want to continue training with Susan for a bit after the show so she can help me find my happy, maintainable medium!

Right now, the competition drives me. Psychologically, after the show, I can imagine I will feel like its over and done with so it will be so important that I create my new drive or reason for healthy living.

I would love to know what competitors do to stay focused during off season.  I have seen some totally let go because they know they can snap back.

Do you peeps have any tricks you plan on using post-comp?


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2 responses to “Dear God, please help me stay lean after my show. Amen.

  • Julia (

    I stay pretty close to my stage weight all year round so that its not a mission next time round.

    Its actually not that hard to maintain .. I eat clean weekdays with one weekend day off .. seems to keep me happy and lean 🙂

    • Faith Keith

      That is SO ENCOURAGING to hear!!! and yes, “happy and lean” is key. I couldn’t do it if I was going to be miserable the whole year round…That gives me hope 😛 I’m excited for AFTER the stage to embark on a new life of clean clean eating and a lean lean me (while having fun and ENJOYING life)! happy medium here I come!

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