Posing Class

I had my first posing class on Saturday with Susan Groshek! It was great to be there with the other girls and get to watch them and then try to imitate. Let me be honest and say I really thought it wasn’t going to be that hard. But it was like stand up tall, shoulders back, but dont pinch them, lift them, but don’t roll them, flare your lats, just look confident, exaggerate your hips and move your shoulders, stick your butt out but dont look like a slut, oh and keep your elbow out, not behind you, smile, make eye contact with the judges, oh…and try to look natural.

So, now I won’t judge the girls on stage that seem stiff, or seem to not be able to concentrate on anything except their pose.  I’ve seen girls on stage, instructed by a judge to step forward and they practically stay in position and just scoot. NOW I KNOW WHY!!!

Workin’ a cat walk is harder than it looks!

I’ve got work to do. And by work I mean…I’ve got a lot of staring in the mirror at myself to do and trying not to freak out that I might look like the spawn of Frankenstein (in posing suit).


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4 responses to “Posing Class

  • ihearteggs

    Practice, practice, practice! I spend 90% of my time between sets in the gym posing and walking and just going through the motions in my head. It makes a HUGE differnce when you step on stage!

    • Faith Keith

      Its crazy because I already felt like I had zero time for anything and now I need to practice posing, ha! No doubt I HAVE to practice just like you said – I am sure it will make a massive difference. Trying to sit with better posture at my desk and any chance where no one is looking I practice walking. But I think I better start setting intentional time aside, don’t you think?

  • Donloree

    I agree with Becca!
    And don’t forget to learn how to breathe! I know that sounds ridiculous, but you have to keep that 6-pack tight and breathe at the same time. 🙂
    You’ve got this.

  • Susan

    Faith, keep practicing! I have no advice, as I’m right there with you trying to figure these darn poses out! Keep the focus over these last three weeks. You’re going to be great!!

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