Evaluation By Comparison

I started to evaluate my body by comparing it to a bikini PRO, to give me a good idea on where I want to be come April 2nd.

It probably is completely humanly impossible to look like a pro on my first show with only 4 weeks left, but I like to use it as my measuring stick.

I looked at pictures of NPC amateurs and noticed a lot of them had very under developed abs and lacked that nice curve of the outer quad.

So I want to keep in mind, as I train, that there may be many areas of my body underdeveloped unless I put serious attention on them.  (I know, I know…even still, I will probably be very underdeveloped at my first show. But I have to try 🙂 right?)

Below is Bikini Pro Tianna Ta. I look at her abs and her quads and even her arms.  She certainly didn’t get there by eating bon-bons and watching soap operas – this girl busted her can! I’m trying to visualize MYSELF becoming like this so that I can stay excited about sweating and working till my head spins off!

Train with excitement and perseverance!

Image of Tianna Ta bikini pro

Tianna Ta


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3 responses to “Evaluation By Comparison

  • passlakeprincess

    I find myself comparing myself to the girls I see in mags too. You need to look at them as a long term goal, because none of these girls accomplished those bods over night and some of them may also be lucky to have great genetics! Just be the best you can be and remember every competition your bod will get stronger and leaner! I’m learning that this competition thing is a process of trial and error, it takes time and persistence.

    • Faith Keith

      So true! trial and error for sure – I think its fun learning what can and cannot be done with dieting, don’t you? 🙂

      • passlakeprincess

        Definitely! I’m so guilty of wanting miracles to happen over night, even though I know it’s not possible. But it’s fun to learn what my body likes and doesn’t like and to be able to literally feel the results in my energy levels etc. I’m a big time foodie, so I also love the challenge of trying to find new and exciting recipes that fit into my new fitness goals.

        What is the name of the competition you are entering?

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