165lbs, New to Fitness. Where do I start?

Sarah Asks:

I’m just a beginner, & I’m at 165lbs. I’ve lost 30 on my own.THIS is where I get confused. Since I’m starting off with a lot of body fat to lose, do I need to get some of that off (by eating clean & inc cardio) BEFORE I try to build muscle? I don’t want to inc calories on top of the fat I already have, right ? I’m already eating very clean, lifting *heavy* and doing a lot of cardio. I think I’m overdoing it.

Fitness Model/Writer Jamie Eason Responds:

Sarah – be careful not to overtrain because then you can’t maximize your workouts anyway. When you start with a high amount of excess bodyfat, the focus should be clean eating first and foremost (like you are doing) and a workout geared mo…re toward overall body training. You can get away with a general workout split of chest with tris, back with bis and legs on their own day. For about 4 days a week, you can incoporate a medium intensity cardio and a few days of abs just to strengthen your core. As for food, I want you to think of calories in terms of energy. You need to provide enough energy for your body to get through these workouts. When you switch to clean foods, you should still be able to eat a decent portion because clean foods typically have fewer overall calories than processed foods. Don’t be afraid to eat the good stuff because as you stay consistent, your body will trust that it is going to get fed the proper amount of enegy and will release more fat for fuel.

Can you relate to this woman? Do you still have unanswered questions?

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3 responses to “165lbs, New to Fitness. Where do I start?

  • passlakeprincess

    Do you have a trainer that is monitoring your diet etc.? I’m very new to this fitness stuff too! Because I don’t really know what I’m doing I have hired a competition coach that has provided me with a diet plan, etc. I’ve heard there is no one diet that works for everyone and loosing the last bit of troublesome fat is a lot of trial and error. I too still have lots of fat to loose, but I feel comfortable with my progress because I have an experienced trainer reviewing my diet. I think it would be a worthwhile investment if you can afford it, if not try Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Cooler 1 Meal Plan,(it’s awesome, and worked well for me last summer before my wedding).

    • bikiniorbust

      I also work with a fabulous nutritionist and training team. They are invaluable. There is no ‘golden ticket’ that works for everyone. I rather enjoy that part because you get to learn about what works for you and your body and what makes you the most healthy. I call it my ‘science experiment-loree” Hah!

    • Faith Keith

      Those are awesome tips Tiffany – I agree, nothing beats an experienced trainer! Having someone coach through a diet and workout regimen is absolutely worth the money. Tosca has great tips on making the lifestyle happen at home – it definitely starts in the kitchen!

      I noticed on your blog that you are a competitor in training – very cool! How many weeks out are you?

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