Appreciating Natural Beauty….or Am I Just Lazy?

My morning routine has gotten faster and faster.  After cardio its scrubbin time then LOTION because all this showering (and aging) leaves my skin feeling a bit more dry than my early 20’s.  Next is the makeup and hair.  I have dwindled down to blow dry with a round brush (and lightly iron/curl if I have 10 minutes) and then a quick flick of powder and power-lifting MASCARA.  Mascara makes everything better.  Donning gloss (while I’m driving to work) polishes it off so I don’t look like a vagabond.

Am I being lazy? Ha! At this point in prep with so much on my mind I really don’t think I care.  On a day when I have time (and always on date night) I’ll go back to adding eyeliner and bronzer.

I shave my legs for the husband, but if I have some bristlies when I hit the gym I seriously don’t frickin care who sees my legs.

Call me lazy or a fitness frump I don’t care…I just want to save my time for eating (or thinking about eating).  ^_^


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