Can I Just Smell Your Food?

Image - cat begging Please let me smell your food - Faith Keith

I do this to my husband daily 😛

“Can I Just Smell Your Food?” How many of you have asked that question? hahaha

It’s funny and a non-dieter would never understand that we truly get satisfaction from smelling warm donuts or smelling your enchiladas or that juicy cheeseburger.

Becca from ihearteggs talked about this too so I KNOW I am not alone haha

Ah…sweet dieting…  The dieting and mental resolve that this sport demands is the most difficult thing about this process.  It is definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I am so glad to be doing this – I have so much more respect for the women on stage.  I used to think of some of them as “Barbies” and maybe even “ditz”, but now I know otherwise.  Those girls are TOUGH. BEASTS. MACHINES. and the most dedicated people you will ever meet.  Can I hear an Amen?!


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12 responses to “Can I Just Smell Your Food?

  • ihearteggs

    I always used to think competing was for “those types” of girls… I knew I would love the training but thought I would have the ghetto nails, dirty pirate hooker makeup, clear heels and ugh.. a glittery bikini?!?!

    But umm… After stepping on stage that first time I was HOOKED. I LOVE the glitz and glam of it all too!!

    • Faith Keith

      I KNOW HA! I never saw myself getting into the glam…gosh my bikini is PINK of all things – I NEVER wear pink!

      I am wondering what it will be like for me stepping on that stage for the first time – I’m sure it is life changing! I can’t wait…

  • Dawn

    Too funny! I ask my co-workers if I can smell their food all the time. If I get a dirty look when I ask I will say “can I just lick it” and walk away…lol. I’m stupid like that!

  • bikiniorbust

    Oh man I am a total food smeller! I think the smell is better than the taste most times. I am a sucker for a bakery in morning. I will just stand there and lurk until a nice plump woman in her 50’s asks me if she can help me. That’s the sign that I have been there WAY too long!

    You are so not alone in this!!!

  • Heather Yourex

    Last year during prep I walked into an elevator with a man holding a hot fresh take out pizza about 4 weeks out. The smell was literally intoxicating… it was heaven just breathing it in!

  • Jessica

    I can not smell the food. There is no way I want to smell it. Its so funny how we all are so different. I also used to look at really fit women and “judge them.” Now I truly understand the hard work, dedication, and mental strength.

    • Faith Keith

      oh crazy! yes we ARE all different – whatever works! Its fascinating and awe inspiring to now know what those girls did/do to get where they are. and I get to join forces with them on April 2nd!

  • Kari Keenan

    I totally love to smell food! Sometimes I think I can almost taste it. My bf is so used to it, he just automatically puts his food under my nose before he eats it. 😀

    • Faith Keith

      HAHAHA thats awesome! your bf sounds hilarious – my husband is getting used to it to 😛 he used to be scared I would take a bite – now he knows I really just want to smell it. How is it so satisfying?! I’m like that too…sometimes I really think I can almost taste it! yumm…haha #majordork

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