It Finally Happened… The Breakdown

I had my first real emotional breakdown of the figure training life.

After an amazing trip of snowboarding, I was talking about obsession which immediately backfired.  I was so shocked at the comments everyone was making about how obsessed I am about my fitness journey.  It hurt because not only have I been trying hard to NOT be obsessed (but focus on my walk with the Lord and just try to keep up), but I also had been terribly struggling with the diet and fitness lifestyle.  I’ve been wanting to quit for weeks! But the sheer disdain I have against quitting has kept me from throwing in the towel.

This life is hard.  I don’t like having my food dictate when or how I can party or have my leg day dictate when I can rock climb, or “no, I can’t go mountain biking, because I need to lift heavy tomorrow on shoulders”.  I don’t like NOT eating Pansit (one of my favorite Filipino dishes) on Sunday afternoon with the family.  I don’t enjoy going out to eat and having to be the pickiest person at the table.

This is a solo sport…but golly…who can do this alone? Not me.

I finally lost it.  Husband to the rescue.  Knowing that he is proud of me and even said he is in awe at what I am doing just makes this whole thing bearable.

“I don’t think anyone is more determined and tenacious than my wife”, thanks babe…I needed that.

Still praying for wisdom on how to continue (and how to hold it together 🙂 )


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5 responses to “It Finally Happened… The Breakdown

  • ihearteggs

    Big hugs your way! It’s not an easy life style. I “luck out” that i live alone and have no family in this city so I dont have the extreme trouble alot of girls do, but regardless it’s not easy. BUT you can do this, and you WILL!

  • Kari

    I think almost every competitor reaches their breaking point at some point during prep. Use it as motivation to keep going and prove to yourself that you CAN do this! No one wants to miss out on good food or fun activities because of prep. Remind yourself that the journey you’re on is worth it, and those things you’re missing out on now will be there after you step off stage. Plus, prep is only for a short time. When you’re on stage, it’ll seem like such a short time ago that you started prepping. Hang in there – we’re all here for ya!

  • bikiniorbust

    So glad you’ve got such a supportive husband!!! We are here for you! I am cheering you on every single day for Canada. You are inspirational and doing amazing things, don’t forget that. It does feel like you’re all alone and the odd one out sometimes, but we are here for you!!

  • Heather Yourex

    I hear you! I’ve definitely lost it a few times but since my guy worries that this sport isn’t good for me I try to keep that to myself. I also can relate to feeling obsessed with the journey – the first time out, why wouldn’t you? You have to focus all the time! Its a huge goal that not many people accomplish… keep on going. We’re all rooting for you!

  • Faith Keith

    Wow – I REALLY appreciate all the support and words of encouragement ladies!! It is hard to miss out – and it is hard to not appear obsessed since you have to be focused 100% of the time…if its not my next meal its planning my workout or it’s checking my posture…

    You girls really encouraged me…your words meant so much – thank you for taking the time to relate to me and cheer me on – I feel so supported. You guys rock. THANK YOU a million times….thank you

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