Shoulders and Shouldering Perspective

Jamie Eason posted her shoulder workout claiming a great pump, so naturally I wanted to incorporate this workout. 🙂

Staying focus lately has been difficult.  Some moments it is EASY and I can envision the stage and the pros…other times I find it hard to squash the desire to look for a treaty munch.  Focus, focus, focus I tell myself.  Sometimes perusing pictures in my Oxygen mag or online at the pros helps jolt my attention back to hardcore mode.

I want to look lean. I don’t want to look (or FEEL) like I could have tried better.

Donloree recently told me, “Just draw a line in the sand and step over it and be done with the cheating.”

Here I go…I’m about to bust out my magazines and get my focus on! Gym time is up ahead, so this will be the fuel I need to prepare!

More than ever I am realizing how much I DON’T rely on God for the strength or wisdom in the normal stuff.  I catch myself praying for the ability to say no to those yummy Filipino pastries my mom brings over and I pray for just one more rep on those heavies, but am I really leaning on Him for ALL my strength (Prov 3:5-6).  More perspective check…  I know that we can never be perfect and we WILL fall short, but it really is my duty as Christian to constantly strive to live to honor my God. So, then I hear myself say, “OK! Let’s do this! Read my Bible and apply His Word!”…and I have to stop once again to remind myself that I cannot do it apart from Him…that even in my “righteous” intentions I am not to do it in my own ability. *le sigh*  Lord, help me. Work through me to live as You want me to live.

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5 responses to “Shoulders and Shouldering Perspective

  • kara

    YOU CAN DO IT! I am here cheering you on! My goal this week has been focusing on the diet. Everytime I read blogs and see a yummy treat I re-focus on the diet. Making sure I have drink my water all day has helped too! GO GET EM GIRL!!!!

    • Faith Keith

      Thanks for being such a cheerleader Kara!! I was just telling my friend Michelle that focusing is definitely a conscientious thing for me right now…nothing second nature about it!! Tough! Thanks again for the rah-rah!! We all need a little encouragement (I know I do!!)

  • Stephanie

    Oh girl I so needed this post! I’ve going through the same thing and have been down on myself for sneaking a few cookies here and there. You’re so right…we just need to totally refocus and as Donloree said “draw the line”

    Good luck girl! You can totally rock this, you have a great team behind you!!

    See you on twitter 😉 @stephanieberard

  • Susan @ The Next Level

    You’ve got this Faith. Keep up the great work!!

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