Every first Sunday of the month my church has a potluck lunch.  I cooked a Canadian Stew to share, but weighed and measured my 5oz turkey+2Cups Spinach+1Tbsp Apple cider Vinegar+1Tbsp Olive oil for MY personal meal.

After church everyone lined up and was already going through the food line, while I made my way to the fridge to pull out my measured meal. All smiles because it is one of my FAVORITE meals of the day.

Enter fridge…no meal to be found….I tried to stay calm but I began to panic.  I scanned the buffet table….OH MY GOSH!!! IT WAS ON THE TABLE NEXT TO THE SALADS!!! Someone had already taken some of it (they must have been adventurous because it looked disgusting).  Nooooooo!!!!!

I had to laugh at myself for being panicky about losing 1 ounce of turkey and maybe a half cup of spinach.  Oh the life of a figure athlete…

Next time I will clearly label it 🙂


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5 responses to “[Un]Potluck

  • michelle

    wowsers – I dont know what I would have done! What did you do?? .. Do we see a part II coming? 🙂

    • Faith Keith

      Oh man – I totally cut in line and grabbed my Tupperware off the table! I didn’t look at anyone and just walked over to where my husband was sitting and just started eating haha. Chewing the now soggy spinach from them dumping ALL the vinegar/oil dressing into it, WHILE telling the epic tale about 4 time. Gotta laugh…I felt like a dog being overprotective of my food 😛

  • Donloree

    Oh. My. GOSH!!! I would have broken into a cold sweat!!! Jon would have panicked for me too! Oh boy, so ridiculous! We had to go out for lunch on Sunday unexpectedly and I suffered through dry spinach with the smallest chicken breast on the planet while everyone else ate tons of food smothered in cheese. I was RAVENOUS when we got home!

  • Nicole

    Faith that is such a funny story. Can’t believe it was on the potluck table. LOL someone was feeling adventurous.

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