Mood Swings

Ok so this diet is really getting to my mood.  I noticed that lately I am really tense as it gets closer to my meal time.  I eat every 3 hours ON THE HOUR, so my body knows when to expect food.  I have been way less tolerant. I’ve really been trying to watch it, but I am around SO MANY people and a lot of family ALL the time, so it’s not like I can just keep to myself.  It’s hard to stay focused! I am trying really hard to think before I speak, or try to stay at my desk until I absolutely HAVE to…or avoid people unless I am mentally prepared to smile and breathe.

Makes me sad – I don’t want to be like this, nor do I want people to think I’m just crabby! 😛 How do you combat this?

Susan mentioned St John’s Wart for it’s calming affects.  At this point I want to try anything and everything – I don’t like this mood business! 🙂

  • The brutal diet and saying no to foods I love, I can handle that.
  • The 4am workouts when I just want to sleep, I can handle that.
  • The double workout days even in bad weather, I can handle that.
  • The mood swings negatively affecting the ones I love?….not worth it.  Need a solution, stat.

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4 responses to “Mood Swings

  • Donloree

    Hey lady! How much fat is in your diet right now? I find eating fat with every meal helps to keep me sane and less grouchy. I also find that if I stay hydrated I am way less grouchy. Perhaps give those a go and see what happens?
    Keep me informed! We need to have you healthy AND happy!!! =)

  • Faith Keith

    O_o!! Donloree!!!!! YOU JUST SOLVED MY MYSTERY!!!!!!!!! I have only been like this for about 3 days…and you JUST made me remember about staying hydrated…guess what?!?! I broke my half gallon water jug 3 days ago!! Since then I’ve been using my small 30 oz jug and have been WAY lazy to refill as I should…I can’t believe that’s been my problem all along! I am guzzling as we speak….

    YOU ARE AWESOME THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What would I do without my figure athlete friends?!

    PS.I feel like a dummy now. =_=

  • Faith Keith

    26 oz of water so far and already feeling POSITIVE come back to me….wow…what a silly little thing that plays such a huge role. Donloree…has anyone told you today that you are awesome and a fabulous friend?

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