Walk A Mile in These Shoes

I’m officially committed. A play on words…sometimes I do feel quite insane…am I REALLY doing this?  Am I REALLY going to get on stage with other ridiculously fit women? Am I going to actually be a ridiculously fit woman?!

Welp. Shoes have been ordered. I am STOKED. But honestly, I don’t think it will feel truly official until I have my suit.

5" Clear heelsOrdered them online from Snaz75.com.  Michelle, our fellow Bikini or Bust competitor contacted the vendor to give us a deal! I love discounts on merchandise 🙂

Item #: EL-M-VANITY 5″ Spike
I remember when creator of Bikini or Bust, Donloree, received her first pair of competition shoes in the mail. It was such a fun and exciting moment! I can’t wait!

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