Gaining Structure

I now have SET rest day that I will treat just as seriously and immovable as my ON days – I know…it’s about time, right?

Sunday – REST

This weekend I will be writing down everything I do in a typical week, then assessing it for things to possibly eliminate.  My trusty friend Michelle gave me wise tips that there is always something to cut out….and you know what she said??…..she flat out told me I don’t get enough sleep! The audacity! haha no jk…She is so right…  She had told me to really try to get more sleep before and I “did”.  I thought increasing my usual 5-6 hours up to 6.5 hours was a great move 😛  Alas….It is not sustaining me.  As proof…my body crashed this week.

So it’s time for change!! Any tips on cutting corners is most welcome, so do share!

Cutting corners in anything…cooking, showering, sleeping…ok just kidding about that last one 🙂


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4 responses to “Gaining Structure

  • Carrie

    This is a toughy, I have the same problem. I’ve been trying to juggle a very busy full-time job, 1-2 gym sessions daily, caring for my fur-kids, keeping my house from falling apart, laundry, sleep and still managing to try and get in social time.

    I’ve had to start saying no to some social events and that’s probably been the hardest thing for me, I’m single and live alone and I am the biggest social butterfly ever!! I’ve also switched from doing food prep the morning of (I’m a procrastinator) to doing it on Wednesday and Sunday nights. I’ve also tried to schedule in chores on certain days of the week. I find that with SO many random things to do in the house, that I would start on one, get distracted by another and so on and never really get any fully finished. So, one night is dishes, one night is bathroom, one night is laundry, etc, etc.

    Overall, very detailed scheduling and prioritizing has been key for me to fit most of it in. And I’m by no means mastering it, I’m still improving and I still trip up and my house is still often a disaster zone…but, I’m trying!

    • Faith Keith

      I think you’re right…”very detailed scheduling and prioritizing [is the] key”

      I thought I was organized with my schedule, but this week I realized there is a lot of room to improve. As a figure athlete I think being a pro at scheduling is the key to success in this lifestyle…hmmm…thanks for the tips!!

  • Fit.Michelle

    List what you do in a day and we will help you trim / carve out time for you ! ANd sleep!!!

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