A Slight Case of Scheduling

Last night I was so fatigued that just lifting my purse on my shoulder seemed like a daunting and difficult task. I knew I needed sleep, so despite my urge to “hit the gym no matter what”, I went home to prep for tomorrow and go to bed early.  This morning I woke up and still felt weak, so decided I should sleep an extra hour and plan to do cardio tonight.  I woke up at 5:15 and felt AMAZING!  I feel like a new person!

I obviously need more rest than I’m giving myself, so I’m going to work on that.  Maybe there is an area where I could prepare better and therefore allow more time to sleep or rest.

Do you have any prep tips?

Should I keep my ready gym bag stocked with the week’s worth of panties and socks? Should I utilize dry shampoo? Keep a stock of towels in my back seat?…
I prep my food over the weekend and keep most of my food at my office.  I do cook my dinner dinner at night, but usually only twice on weeknights and I cook enough to last a few days.  this is mostly because the grocer does not keep well enough stocked on my tilapia.  Hmm….any suggestions!! Attack me!! I am open for ANY ADVICE YOU CAN OFFER!

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2 responses to “A Slight Case of Scheduling

  • Kari

    I cook, weigh, & pack all my food for the week on Sunday. Then I just have to grab it every morning & run out the door. I rarely cook any meals during the week cuz I’m too tired at night.

    I also unpack/re-pack my gym bag when I get home from the gym in the evenings, so even if I’m running late in the mornings, everything’s ready to go.

    Pretty much every minute of my day is planned out, and I do my best to stick to the schedule. Keeps my stress level down.

    Try a few different things and figure out what works for you. It’s all bout trial and error! 🙂

  • Faith Keith

    you have a system! I think you spelling out what you do made me realize that I may be doing the right things, but since I don’t have a system it makes things frantic trying to make sure I remembered everything.

    Trial and error…thats encouraging 🙂 I’m not alone in trying to figure this out…I’m not the only disorganized person?

    Thanks so much Kari!!

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