Stellar Choices

I am maxing the capacity of my schedule more than before, but I feel alive, refreshed, and even relaxed.  Funny how ironic life can be.

While planning the family reunion for my dad’s mom’s side of the family I am finalizing the last bits of our snowboarding trip and trying to find “the” suit for my competition. Yippee! 🙂 Obviously time is of the essence, BUT since my schedule has exploded I have found it EASIER to tackle my todo list!…??? I feel empowered.  Donloree, you could say I feel “fabulous”.

And really?…It all started with the 4:00am cardio and @Fit_Michelle‘s tips on preparing the night before.  Yeah…that’s right, now I’m a super hero.  If you want to be a super hero too you can follow @fit_michelle on twittah 🙂

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