1,000 Bikini bottoms, 11 weeks, and a pair of clear stilletos

I never new how many styles of bikini bottoms there were!  I need a puckered/scrunchie pair of bottoms, but…there is rio, malibu, mini, baja, brazillian, scrunchie booty, scrunchie baja, scrunchie malibu, mini rio, mini baja, mini brazillian, scrunchie brazillian and then a whole series of micro mini scrunchies!

Putting the whole thing together is going to be a task…there are connectors, fabrics, width of material measurements in addition to my body measurements…*wipes sweat off forehead* the whole thing seems quiet tedious.  I need to sit down and sort this all out!

11 weeks out and only about 3 weeks to sort this all out so I can get my order in (and have time to get it back and make sure all is well).

Shoes! I think I will tackle that this weekend so I can knock it off the todo list!

Anything else I failed to think of until JUST NOW?!

……oh gosh….TANNING….how dark? I am already medium toned skin…darker?….Eek!

This whole process is a scramble, but ya know what?…this is so exciting 🙂


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