A Good Friend is Like A 100-Ways Bra

A Good Friend is Like A 100-Ways Bra…very supportive for many situations…
As we journey through our fitness endeavor, it is important to have support and accountability.
If you live with other people who do NOT follow your same lifestyle it is SO hard.  Don’t get angry though when they don’t get it or even when they give you a hard time.  No one could possibly understand the ripple affects of “just one won’t kill you” or 4:00am cardio unless they are doing it themselves or have done it before.
One thing I have LOVED about being at Jerome’s gym surrounded by so many ridiculously fit people is….they SURPRISE ME EVERY DAY with how friendly and kind they are.  I remember my first day – they treated me like they were so excited to have me join their world.  I expected snubbed noses and critical eyes scanning my untamed body. Let’s uphold this reputation – let’s make onlookers feel like they can be apart of this.  Let’s be that person that empowers them to make a lifestyle change. You can’t be an inspiration if you are no fun to be around 🙂
Michelle inspired me with her “daily 5 things I am thankful for”, so…
I want to make sure I always ask myself “who am I thankful for right now, this very moment?” and have I told them? 🙂
What does “support” look like to me and am I also doing this for my friends?

Friends I am thankful for right now:

  • My daredevil sister, Leah, who is never jealous of me, but lives alongside me inspiring me to stay disciplined. In my opinion she has no room to be jealous because she is smoking hot, a daredevil on the sports, and the most lovable personality on the planet (so maybe I shouldn’t give her credit for never being jealous of me 🙂 )
  • My brother, Robert/Berteezy/Tito/Hamstray, who always asks me about my day or how was the gym.  He also asks me “can you do that” when he sees me go for a cheat food.  Booger.
  • My girlfriend, Val, whom I meet for Bible study every Tuesday night – I just called her to see if we could move it an hour earlier (eek!)  – she was so supportive! Thank God for great friends who will bend their lives to see you live yours, yeah?!  She inspires me to live for Christ, not as a separated event, but as a lifestyle.
  • Esther, my childhood friend, who recently prodded me on in my endeavor and gave me words of inspiration just as I was beginning my in-season prep
  • Em, my “life-er” friend who has been in Germany for a year, came to Dallas and made time for just me – A good friend is willing to be “inconvenienced” and I have always felt that Emilee has done this for me if I ever would but call on her.  She too inspires me to live for Christ, not as a separated event, but as a lifestyle.
  • Bikini or Bust 2011 girls, they ALWAYS take the time to encourage each other, send inspiration and comfort if we ever need it during this crazy thing we actually call “life”.  Susan (blog), Lisa, Liz, Nicole, Kathy, Deb, Jessica, Cheyenne, Chantelle, Julia, Tracey, Michelle, Donloree (creator of BoB)- I could not do this without you!
  • My in laws, I know they don’t really understand this lifestyle or this craze for muscle, but they are the sweetest cheerleaders I could ask for. And totally willing to not make a cheesecake when they know I can’t eat it anyway.
  • My cousins/aunt/uncle across the street, they always ask me how it’s going and are the most genuine people you will ever meet
  • My stellar parents, who though they do not like the idea of me being on stage in a bikini (at ALL), are very proud of my displayed discipline and tenacity.  They ask from time to time how my training is going and that means the world to me
  • My husband, Luke, he is so hot which I find very inspirational :P. His crazy work ethic inspires me to go strong at the gym and he is always great about complimenting me or telling me how proud he is of my tenacity and pursuit of ambitions (sometimes I wonder, “are you talking about ME?!”) It’s nice to have someone who YOU put on a pedestal, seem to put you on a pedestal too
  • My daily dose: Luke, Donloree, Michelle.  I am addicted to these 3.  I can always count on them to lift my spirits, prod me on, light my fire and make me laugh at this life. (and yes, I listed these guys twice)

Thank you friends. I am so thankful for you!


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6 responses to “A Good Friend is Like A 100-Ways Bra

  • bikiniorbust

    We are equally thankful for you! Your smile lights up a room and your joy is completely contagious. You are a beacon of hope and laughter. =)
    I can’t wait to see you kick some arse on stage! woot!

  • michelle

    To echo DL I agree – we love you and I am so glad you’re “there” for me giving me words of encouragement when I need it!!! It’s super hard to do this on your own, so I am very thankful we can lean on eachother!
    Thank Goodnees I am single, i cant think of anyone that would put up with me getting up at 330 and running the blender! No wonder my dog hates me ! LOL 🙂

  • michelle

    hahahah I dont think so I think they would drop kick me AND the blender out the door after 10 seconds. But it would be great to have someone get up with me and workout with me…ah …a girl can dream 🙂

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