No Matter What!

This was our Sunday…it was snowing when we got out of church, so I quickly packed up my flute and collaborated with my mom about soup for lunch!  So fun! Texas does not see snow much, so when it snows its a big deal around here.  My hubs noted that it was a perfect day for a board game or movie – ooooh we were excited!  On the way home we looked at each other, listed all those wonderful things again and then said simultaneously…”and gym”.

and then this is what we did after the gym….

THEN we watched a movie with my favorite cheat meal, pizza from Papa Murphy’s (the make it fresh and you bake it at home). Dedication pays off!

I hope all my fellow Texans are enjoying this bit of snow! To those in the arctic…In honor of you I started my run outdoors and could NOT feel my legs – wow!! You guys are TOUGH.


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