Just when I really was thinking that I had not made any progress in the past month and a half (and was beating myself up for not trying harder) I decided to get the fat calipers out.

My husband did the measuring and …SWEET LONE STAR OF TEXAS I WAS AT 13%!  That’s down from the last measurement of 17%! Rock on!

I’m staying clear of chocolate, goldfish and pretzels but it’s been tough.

A Cheater’s Trick:

I cut up a protein bar into small morsels – a couple times on Sunday I wanted chocolate so bad, so I ate one of those cubes of the protein bar.  Though it still technically is a cheat, it was still not the sugar and carbs I would have gotten out of a Godiva.

As I told my friends Lisa and Michelle…I can’t believe I’ve stayed clear of the goldfish though!! This is amazing…really!

Meanwhile…Check out my snowball!!

Giant Snowball _Luke Keith Faith Keith


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