Commence Annual Rant On New Year’s Resolutionists

So every year we, committed folk, must endure the initial 6-7 weeks of our gym overcrowded by New Year’s Resolutionists who THIS year, they swear, they will get into shape.  We practice the skill of tongue-biting when we really just want to say, “get off my machine”.

Even how frustrating it is when I have to wait longer for my 50lbs dumbbells from the man who really should have done one more set and even how frustrating it is when I have to wait 6 minutes for one of the women to reach their “whew that was a good workout” point on the treadmill…I still am so proud of them.  Even if they lack the commitment, I am proud that they had the umption to come and the desire at all to get in shape. We all start somewhere, no?

For those of us that make it happen year round, let’s be an encouragement to the newbies at our gym! (and not partake in those that grumble about the noobs) 🙂

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions! Still working on mine…this list is going to be a fun one. I love goal setting!

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