Fly On The Wall Report

Eating the same thing every day is sometimes hard when you really really really just want a burger today, but most days I can go through the day’s food fairly mindlessly.

Faith Keith - Thinking of Twisted Root burgers

Working out consistently has become the norm, but cardio bleh…if it is a cardio-only day I have a tough time getting out the door.  Sweat pants are my cryptonite along with pizza.  Once I put on sweat pants…I’m begging anyone who will listen to tell me it’s ok to stay home.  Pizza I found out is the one food that I cannot resist.

Faith Keith - Sweat pants and pizza

Things I worry about

  • I worry that I will become over obsessed with practicing my smile or my stance in the mirror
  • donning a bikini for my trainer, Susan Groshek, so she can tell me how much I need to bust my butt in the final weeks
  • rebounding badly after my show
  • that my legs won’t trim out like they need to
  • being the fattest one on stage

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