Happy Birthday, Donloree Hoffman!

Monday December 13th is Donloree Hoffman’s birthday! (by the way she loves shoes : ) )

Donloree competed in her first ever figure competition in October 2010.  Along the way she picked up some intrigued readers.  She made us laugh, drop our jaws, experience shock with her when the itsy bitsy bikini arrived in the mail, feel her pain when she had to be thankful for vegetables during Canadian Thanksgiving, cheer with excitement for her when she did not bust, and sympathize with her when her fake tan made it’s not-so-pleasant farewell.

She was featured in the Calgary Herald on sculpting a life worth living and the Edmonton Journal for her mega-drop story.

Being the selfless person she is, after completing her competition, she said, what’s next? And proceeded to establish a league of extraordinary women to journey to THEIR competition together. I give you, the Bikini or Bust Challenge Spring 2011 comprised of 15 women across 4 countries! See the competitors; See the competitors (more)

Donloree continues to be an inspiration to us all!

If you are inspired, wish Donloree a happy birthday here or on twitter! She has done remarkable things and I have no doubt that she will have more up her sleeve. 🙂

Happy Birthday D-Lo!

Follow Donloree on twitter http://twitter.com/bikiniorbust

Read Donloree at bikiniorbust.wordpress.com

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