Husbands Are The Bomb

  • Who else will ask you “What are you made of?” when he sees you looking aimlessly in the pantry?
  • Who else will massage your legs after a brutal leg day?
  • Who else will call ahead to verify menu options?
  • Who else will back you up when people (who don’t understand) question your figure athlete endeavor?
  • When you voice your goals or concerns, who else will say, “You’ve got this. You’re almost there! Keep doin’ it”
  • Who else will help you out of your workout clothes after upper body day and you can’t raise your own arms?
  • And when you say, “Today was leg day…you know what that means?!?! EEE!!!” will answer you, “brown rice!” ’cause he knows…it’s that important 🙂

I stinkin’ love my husband.  What would I do without him…

What things do you appreciate about the way your husband supports you? Tell me!


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