You May Get Hot, But How Racey Are You?

Image of Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor WatchMichelle is a cardio maniac and the queen of cardio equipment.  As we were preparing for thanksgiving and setting calorie burning goals, she enlightened me on the calorie-burn-tracking.  A heart rate monitor!  I ended up getting the Timex Ironman Road Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor (women’s mid-size) and I love it.

[REVIEW] Timex Ironman Road Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor

What I use it for

After setting my target heart rate, I use it to make sure I keep my intensity up.  Sometimes I FEEL like I am working hard, but then I look down at my HR reading and realize I am going too easy on myself.

I have a small wrist, so watches are sometimes hard to shop for.  This one has a billion holes, so it fits even MY wrist 😛

Bottom Line: I love it.

Still trying to figure out how to get the calories to display…I thought this watch did that, but haven’t found it yet.  Maybe I should read the manual 😛

Keeping your intensity in check? How do YOU do it? (especially on days that you don’t want to be there)

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7 responses to “You May Get Hot, But How Racey Are You?

  • Kathy H

    Faith, I’ve been looking for a new Timex sport watch AND a new heart rate monitor. Your’s sounds like the perfect fit. Perhaps I’ll find one under my Christmas Tree.
    I normally wear a HR monitor but decided to see how well I’d do without one. So this week, I didn’t bring it and have to say, I feel lost without it. Going based on how heavy I’m breathing isn’t enough! I’m bringing it back out next week.
    Happy Friday!

    • Faith Keith

      Kathy, I think you will love it – it’s water resistant too which is great when I have to rush a shower before heading back to work. I’ll let you know if I figure out how to display calories (not convinced it even has that feature ha!) I’m also super clumsy, so I tend to break my watches, but this one looks like it will hold up.

      My first bout with a HR monitor and I already love it!

      Happy Friday to YOU!

      PS – I found mine on

  • michelle

    Cardio queen !! Haha love it – and my blackberry does cardio with me too! LOL Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

  • Susan

    I have the same one. And love it! I feel lost without my HR monitor. It keeps me honest about how hard I’m working. And I love that I can get a quick calorie count at the end of a workout.

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