Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, folks, I am off to Thanksgiving weekend in the sticks of Oklahoma, then I will traveling down to the Gulf of Mexico to see my dear Maudzy (grandmother) till next Wednesday! Both places have sparse connectivity to the internet, so if you notice I drop off twitter/blog/facebook/email/texting…I am probably not dead, just suffering from nature’s greatness 🙂

I will be sticking to my goals along with my Bikini or Bust friends. If you want to keep up with us during super sonic week, go to my list and follow us on twitter :).

I wish everyone a super happy thanksgiving in the US and a happy super sonic week to my pals outside the US borders. May you all enjoy family, friends, food, and FITNESS!

Find your balance between strictness and pleasure this season. (ie stay sane! I expect to find y’all all in one piece when I return)

Much love and with thanksgiving,



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