I Forgot My Pants

I must be such a creature of habit and routine, because if anything changes I seem to completely lose my mind!

This Saturday I am running the Gobble Hobble 5k, so I had to reschedule my Saturday morning training to Friday…at 6:30am.

I normally wake up at 5:00am, but this time I woke up at 4:00am to eat breakfast with my husband before he headed back to Base (Air Force).  Then, after my QT, I packed my things and headed out to be tortured and slain by my trainer.


Brutal, but fun.  She is such a fantastic trainer. I am very thankful that I found her.

After a hurried shower because I didn’t want to be late for work I realized….I forgot my pants….

Thankfully I had thought to take the dry cleaning today, so I pulled out a wrinkled skirt and smoothed it with my curling iron. Oh yeah, baby…who’s resourceful.  I like to say I mentos’ed that situation.


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