Gasp. Gulp. Smile.

[Competition Training Day 95]

Faith Keith

Life's a ride - stick your head out the window

I have been training for 13+ weeks?!?!?  Only 19+ weeks remaining…gulp….

Today when I saw my trainer I mentioned that I only have 19.5 weeks left and asked her if I should be freaking out right now haha 🙂

You know, all this training for the end goal stirs up a lot of mixed emotions. Excitement, nervousness, elation, doom… I am so, so, SO enjoying this new life. I love that in the middle of my new life (April 2nd to be exact) I will be competing.  But the show is not why I do what I do.  Ask anyone who is training for a show – they will tell you that this level of “health and fitness” is a journey –  a lifestyle – , but the show is merely a physical point at which we can measure our next goal –kind of like setting a pull-up goal…only you’ll be in ridiculous shape and walking in 5 inch heels……on a stage…….being judged……oh crap…


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