Get Down With Your Bad Self

My life is busy. Extremely busy. Then again, whose isn’t? 🙂 Multi-tasking woman logo of

I have noticed that pretty much everyone in the Bikini or Bust Challenge has a revved attitude of “let’s kick it into high gear”. I like how Susan put it in her intro video, “Super sonic fitness“.  We all are super busy, but we have made the commitment to chase this goal.

Since my life is so busy, adding training and cooking and chopping vegetables to my daily duties strings me pretty thin.  It finally slapped me in the face that I need a routine. (It’s about time, Faith…sheesh) Once I have a groove, I know I’ll be breezing through and saying, “Conquer the world? Eh, no sweat.”  So I am going to try out a groove and keep tweaking it till I’ve got it down to a science!

Have you found your groove? You cooking 15 meals at one time, stretching and folding laundry simultaneously?
Please share any tips that you have discovered!!!

Here is my new weekday groove:

05:00am  Wake

05:10am   Cook breakfast for hubs and then mine while sipping on some black coffee, yumm!

05:30am  EAT – Meal #1 and have my “quiet time” (read my Bible)

06:30am  Clean up

06:40am  Get ready

07:10am  Out the door

08:30am  EAT – Meal #2 celery and PB

11:30am  EAT – Meal #3 grilled chicken with 2+ cups of green veggies

12:15pm  Head to gym – LIFT

02:00pm  Back to work (after a quick shower of course)

02:30am  EAT – Meal #4 protein shake

06:00pm  Gym or outdoor – CARDIO

07:30pm  EAT – Meal #5  chicken/fish/turkey, 2+ cups of dark greens and 1/4 brown rice on leg day

then night stuff (different depending on the day)

10:00pm  Make my way to bed

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6 responses to “Get Down With Your Bad Self

  • bikiniorbust

    SSF!!! Super Sonic Fitness. I love it!!!

  • michelle

    I would be dead without my mircowave and oven. I throw a pan of chicken/fish in the oven then mulitiask, then come back and it’s done. usually lasts a couple of days.
    I am lazy and buy the bagged frozen veggies and make those too, but them in the micro , walk away and come back and it’ done. THat lasts a few meals too. Okay maybe 2. LOL. But its fast and I can put them in and walk away! LOL I despise cooking LOL 🙂

    • Faith Keith

      frozen veggies – score! I started using the microwave and minute rice because of your comment! Now I can grill my meat and my rice can cook in minutes in the microwave. I grew up in an Asian home so rice is a big deal…never accepted the microwave stuff before, but it still retains most of orig nutrients, so it’s a win!

  • Susan

    Work it, girl. You are getting your groove. I am finding it helpful that I am dropping peripheral stuff in my life. I watch less TV. I don’t bother finishing books I’m not enjoying. I’m learning to focus on the things I love. Actually preparing food is becoming joyful and and interesting, because it’s part of a bigger picture of health. I’m also learning to bake with protein powder, so I have high-protein/low carb muffins/breads etc that I can freeze, or throw in my food-bag for snacks at work.

    • Faith Keith

      That’s so true…Donloree was also trying to tell me before about how sometimes it means leaving dishes behind…I like to think I am super woman and can do it all. Thanks for the advice – really helpful in shifting my mindset

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