Thinking Out-Loud

Problem: I want to get to work earlier so I can get a jump start on the day (before everyone starts calling or sending emails and flocking into my office)

Solution: Perhaps get to work 45 minutes earlier.  Workout during lunch.  Then I could go home straight after work instead of gym.

Problem: I need to make sure I get great sleep

Solution: If I could go home straight after work instead of gym, that would start my evening activities sooner.

Problem: I am rushing every morning

Solution: Perhaps also pack my gym bag

Problem: I get to bed late because I don’t have a routine

Solution: Write down what I need to get done, come up with a good efficient pattern, then execute!

Problem: I need more time with the hubs which usually means staying up late because our schedules are so different

Solution: Hmmm…I can never get enough of him…this may be a perpetual “problem” 🙂 Good thing we always have our weekly date night in case things get too crazy during the week!

Still working out the kinks of my priorities and my daily routine.  Trusting that the Lord will give me wisdom to make the best decisions.  Hard to keep a right focus when you’re too busy just trying to survive.

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4 responses to “Thinking Out-Loud

  • Kathy Harris

    Being a stay at home mom, I feel the same way with my situation. My office is the car, laundry room, kitchen, everywhere I go. It’s hard to prioritize, everything seems important.

    • Faith Keith

      Yeah exactly…hard to know when its ok to put off dishes for the sake of cooking meals….but then if my house feels chaotic then I feel out of whack too…yikes! I’m trying to write down everything I have to do and come up with some kind of a routine…

  • bikiniorbust

    Way to start thinking about this! I also struggle with all of these things. One thing I have really tried to implement is getting up and going to bed at the same time every day. If 10:00 rolls around and I am not heading for bed, I have to finish up the most important things and leave everything else until the next day. you will be amazed at what you don’t actually HAVE to do…like laundry…haha

    • Faith Keith

      wake up and hit the hay at the same time ever day is really what I need to do. There is always an exception though, like a friend coming in town, or date night went a little long…I think my brain says “all or nothin’ ” and so just throws effort for the rest of the week out the window. I hear you saying “it’s a choice”…I definitely need to think this way and REALLY consider sleep as vital (not optional)

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