“Cellulite and Muffin Tops Are Sexy”

Once Upon a Time, on a woman far, far, away….

The other day I was sipping coffee with my pal Muffin-top, when I looked down to notice the sad look of our dear friends Cellulite Right and her twin, Cellulite Left.  They were there when I celebrated many birthdays and enjoyed the most scrumptious of pastries.  They were there for my 27th birthday.  They have seen me through hard times.  I have been noticing that they are more distant lately.  Peering out to me only when I am looking for them.  They don’t obnoxiously call out when I make quick glances in the mirror anymore.  This friendship seems to be diminishing. Many a time have I grabbed them with both hands as a reminder to stick to my diet.  Wow, they are such a support for me. What will I do for that motivational prodding once they are gone?  I must say, they are not very good friends though…a good friend would not drag me down.  It will be good for me when they are gone.  They know that I want to get rid of them (shhh, I’m replacing them with new pals Six-pack and Tight-legs).  I don’t talk about Muffy and the Cellu twins, I actually try not to even think about them at all.  I just live my life – I am hitting the gym a lot.  And they just KNOW I am ignoring them.  I think that’s why they are clinging to the friendship for dear life.  I met a counselor, her name is Cardio.  She is a pro at getting out of bad relationships.  I think I will be seeing her 6 times a week.  I’m taking it seriously now.  These relationships are unhealthy.

6 Reasons cellulite and muffin tops are great:

  1. If I did not have dimples on my legs, or chubby on my tummy, I would not be able to stick to my diet in these initial days as I adjust my lifestyle.
  2. It causes me to give more than 120% at the gym.
  3. It makes my “after” pictures look amazing.
  4. If I fall off the treadmill it will make for a softer landing
  5. When people see me working out really hard day in and day out, they will know that I have dedication. I’m not some New Year’s Resolution wimp
  6. When it’s gone, I’ll be able to say, “I’ve been there – it can be done!”
If ever I want to slack at the gym or treat myself when I don’t deserve it, I can just add “because I think cellulite is sexy”.
  • I had a stressful day so I deserve this bowl of Ben and Jerry’s..”because cellulite is super sexy”.
  • I’ll just taste the macaroni and cheese because a little won’t hurt and “cellulite is super sexy”.
  • This is a special occasion so I will allow myself this treat because I think “cellulite is super sexy”.

Give it a try. It adds humor to a [potentially] stressful situation, and keeps you from taking yourself too seriously.

Excerpt from peertrainer.com

Getting rid of it! They [whoever “they” is] say it can be done. Will you be the one who is living proof that it can be done?


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