Bikini or Bust Challenge 2011

I am participating in the Bikini or Bust Challenge 2011! My competition is April 2, 2011.  This group of phenomenal women will help me (and I them) reach our competition goals for spring 2011! I am stoked.  The group was established by the radical Donloree Hoffman, owner of the inspiring bikiniorbust blog.  She started blogging as a way of documenting her first time journey to the stage and now continues to blog to help others reach their competition goals!

I, along with at least 15 other women, have agreed to train all naturally, using only diet and exercise to alter physique.

This journey continues to be a fantastic ride, I am so excited to now have others to ride with!

Special shout out to Donloree Hoffman and Michelle – Fabulous and funny and the best cheerleaders – I could not do this without them.

and of course…my husband Luke!  He is my inspiration and my reason for everything!


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